Keeping My Mom Safe, Happy, and Healthy
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Keeping My Mom Safe, Happy, and Healthy

When we found out that my mom was experiencing signs of dementia, we didn't take the news lightly. We were concerned about her well-being, and I knew that she couldn't keep living on her own. To keep her safe, I decided to enroll her in a nursing home that specialized in mental health care. She was concerned about the change at first, but as soon as she moved in, she only had positive things to say about her new digs. She loved the ability to get in touch with doctors the same day, and she was even able to make a few friends along the way. This blog is all about keeping your parents safe, happy and healthy.

Keeping My Mom Safe, Happy, and Healthy

  • Tips For Families Using Daily Home Care

    12 May 2021

    Daily home care is available for families with members that need medical assistance, but just want to receive services from home. If your family is about to sign up for these services, here are a couple of tips that can help.  Decide Between Self-Pay and Insurance There are two ways you can pay for daily home care services. These include insurance and self-pay. If your family member is insured and it covers these at-home medical services, that is the best way to keep costs in a manageable range.

  • Social Benefits Of Assisted Living For The Elderly

    12 January 2021

    Most people are all too aware of the medical benefits assisted living offers aging seniors who need a little assistance to get through their daily lives. You may not, however, know about the social benefits living in an assisted living community can offer seniors and the positive impact this assistance can have on their health. These are just a few of the social benefits senior assistance in an elderly care center has to offer.

  • 5 Benefits Of Personal Care Services

    8 October 2020

    If your elderly loved one is having trouble keeping up with certain tasks at home, you should think about hiring a personal care assistant. This professional can come to your parent's home every day and help him or her with various duties. Here are some benefits of hiring a personal care assistant for your family member. Provide Transportation Many elderly people can't drive anymore due to vision or mobility problems. If your senior family member can no longer drive, he or she may feel trapped inside the home.

  • 3 Clues That Can Indicate A Need For Assisted Living Arrangements

    28 August 2020

    If you have a loved one that is getting up there in years, you might have found yourself wondering when it will be time to possibly consider helping them move into an assisted living facility instead of just using the occasional home care services. You might also wonder whether you are going to know what the signs are. To help you with this, you will want to check out the following clues.

  • Does Your Elderly Parent Have Specific Needs to Consider?

    22 May 2020

    If you can no longer physically or personally care for your elderly parent at home, you may reach out to an assisted living facility or nursing home for guidance or assistance. Before you move your loved one in a facility, you must consider a number of things first, including your parent's physical and psychological needs. Here are some things you should discuss with an assisted living facility or a nursing home about your loved one right away.