Keeping My Mom Safe, Happy, and Healthy
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Keeping My Mom Safe, Happy, and Healthy

When we found out that my mom was experiencing signs of dementia, we didn't take the news lightly. We were concerned about her well-being, and I knew that she couldn't keep living on her own. To keep her safe, I decided to enroll her in a nursing home that specialized in mental health care. She was concerned about the change at first, but as soon as she moved in, she only had positive things to say about her new digs. She loved the ability to get in touch with doctors the same day, and she was even able to make a few friends along the way. This blog is all about keeping your parents safe, happy and healthy.

Keeping My Mom Safe, Happy, and Healthy

  • 5 Benefits Of A Retirement Community

    22 October 2019

    If you have an aging loved one who is starting to feel like regular homeownership is no longer for them, it may be time to explore other housing situations. Moving to a retirement community is an excellent option for many seniors who want to experience a different way of life. There are top-rated retirement communities all over the world. Here are some of the benefits of a retirement community:  Less Worry About Maintenence and Home Care

  • Helping Mom Choose And Get Settled In An Assisted Living Facility

    3 September 2019

    If you have a mom who likes to be independent but is no longer able to manage living at home alone, it's time to talk to her about an assisted living facility. While she may be resistant to the idea at first, it can help to encourage your mom regarding the benefits of living in such a setting. From a full activity schedule to meal preparation and emergency help, your mom will have more opportunities to socialize with others while living in an assisted living facility.

  • How ABA Therapy Can Improve Behavior And Promote Independence

    31 May 2019

    Applied Behavior Analysis therapy is a useful tool when trying to help an individual cope with unwanted behaviors. In a nursing home setting, the variety of residents and the myriad of problems each one presents can be overwhelming to the caregivers on staff. No matter how many people are there to work, there are some behaviors that are dangerous and can cause harm to residents living in the facility. While things like a walker are sometimes used for residents who are prone to wandering, some facilities consider any type of belts, walkers, mittens or other devices as restraints and won't use them for residents.

  • What To Expect From Post Operative Knee Rehab

    22 February 2019

    If you are a senior who requires a knee replacement, then you may need to go to an orthopedic rehab facility for a period of time. And, you will likely need to start working with the rehab professionals immediately after your surgery. There are a few things you can expect on day one or two post-op. Keep reading to learn a little bit about what you may experience. Immediate Movement