Keeping My Mom Safe, Happy, and Healthy
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Keeping My Mom Safe, Happy, and Healthy

When we found out that my mom was experiencing signs of dementia, we didn't take the news lightly. We were concerned about her well-being, and I knew that she couldn't keep living on her own. To keep her safe, I decided to enroll her in a nursing home that specialized in mental health care. She was concerned about the change at first, but as soon as she moved in, she only had positive things to say about her new digs. She loved the ability to get in touch with doctors the same day, and she was even able to make a few friends along the way. This blog is all about keeping your parents safe, happy and healthy.

Keeping My Mom Safe, Happy, and Healthy

4 Tips To Keep Your Elderly Parent Happy In An Assisted Living Facility

Lisa Sutton

Transitioning to assisted living isn't always easy for every senior. Some elderly people fear losing their independence even though they want to enjoy the benefits that come with extra care in the facility. When the time comes for you to take your parent to an assisted living facility, you might need to put extra effort into keeping them happy. If you wonder what more you can do to ensure your parent's needs and happiness are met, this piece will guide you.

1. Make the Move Smooth 

Relocating to an assisted living facility can be stressful. You'll need to find ways to help your parent understand why it's essential for them to move. Don't be forceful; allow them to reflect on the suggestion and relocate willingly. You can make the relocation easier by looking for a reputable facility located near your family. Make the new place feel and look like home by bringing pictures, bedding, and furniture. Find a facility that can allow the senior to move in with their spouse.

2. Continue Nurturing Meaningful Relationship

Assisted living facilities provide the elderly with a platform to build new friendships. They also encourage seniors and their families to strengthen their relationships. So, keep in touch with your parents even after moving them into the facility. You can take their grandchildren to visit them often. Ask old friends and neighbors to visit your parents. Encourage them to make new friends with the staff and other residents. Ensure they are not isolated since this can speed up depression and mental health concerns.

3. Join in on Relevant Activities

Another great way to keep your parents happy is by encouraging them to participate in various activities. Being active strengthens their mental and physical health. Many facilities host bingo games, dancing, swimming, art and craft, reading, and walking. These activities keep residents busy during the day and allow them to create friends. Join in the activities once in a while to bond with your parent and keep them happy.

4. Attend Medical Appointments

Some seniors will need regular medical check-ups for illnesses and disabilities. Staff in assisted living facilities take the responsibility of making appointments, arranging for transport, and helping with medication management. However, you can help by taking your parent to the hospital occasionally. This will allow you to keep up with their health and make your parent feel cared for and loved.

Seniors can enjoy their golden years with the care and attention they deserve. Use these useful tips to keep your parents happy and comfortable in assisted living. Consider searching for a reputable assisted living facility today to improve your experience.