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Keeping My Mom Safe, Happy, and Healthy

When we found out that my mom was experiencing signs of dementia, we didn't take the news lightly. We were concerned about her well-being, and I knew that she couldn't keep living on her own. To keep her safe, I decided to enroll her in a nursing home that specialized in mental health care. She was concerned about the change at first, but as soon as she moved in, she only had positive things to say about her new digs. She loved the ability to get in touch with doctors the same day, and she was even able to make a few friends along the way. This blog is all about keeping your parents safe, happy and healthy.

Keeping My Mom Safe, Happy, and Healthy

Three Signs You Need To Take Your Loved One To An Assisted Living Center

Lisa Sutton

Seeing your loved ones age can be hard. Many people feel saddened as they watch someone who used to care for them lose the use of their faculties and need help doing even simple things. However, putting off help for your loved one because you are hoping to avoid the inevitable isn't fair to them or you. Your loved one needs skilled care to make sure that they are safe and protected. Here are some signs that your loved one needs more care than what you can provide for them.

1. Your Loved One Is Unsteady On Their Feet

As a person ages it is very normal for them to become unsteady. Things like stairs may become increasingly hard for them. They might even need a walker or something to help stabilize them when they are getting around the house. Although they may seem to have it under control, just one fall could be fatal. If they are living alone, they need to be steady on their feet so that you can confidently say that they can get around the house. This is why if your loved one is struggling to walk without assistance, they shouldn't be left alone. They need care and constant supervision just in case they fall.

2. Your Loved One Is Neglecting Hygiene

Another sign that you might notice is that your loved one is neglecting even simple hygiene habits. For instance, they might be in their pajamas all day or sleep in their clothes and wear the same clothes for days. This could be caused by your loved one forgetting to change their clothes, or it could be that it is becoming harder to dress themselves so they avoid it. They might also avoid bathing because it is too hard and requires too much energy. This is a sure sign that they need help.

3. Your Loved One Isn't Eating Well

Lastly, you might notice that meal prep is suffering. They are no longer able to make healthy meals so they might not be eating enough or ordering out every meal. They might also have food that is rotting, and they don't seem to notice, so they endanger themselves with unsafe foods in the house.

At an assisted living facility your loved one can get meals around the clock, can get help caring for their hygiene, and can even get supervision around the clock. For more information, contact local professionals like Orchard Park.